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Friday, December 13, 2013

How to lose weight with low glycemic foods

Carbohydrates are considered the main source of native food energy, but not all types of carbohydrates are equal and not all are absorbed by your body in the same way . To better understand their difference is needed to better understand the glycemic index of each food.

What is the Glycemic Index? It is related to velocidadcon your body absorbs carbohydrates factor . This speed varies depending on the food composition , as the carbohydrate type , whether or not the presence of proteins , fat, fiber , among others. The higher the glycemic index of a food , the faster will be absorbed by your body.
In other words, the faster the absorption of a particular food in your body , the higher the level of blood sugar and the amount of insulin produced . The problem starts when there is excess insulin in the body, because the body tends to store the energy that was not used as fat . Thus, excess sugar is converted into triglycerides, for example , such a damaging fat as cholesterol itself .
How the glycemic index can help you lose weight ? Ingesting too much food with high glycemic index results in fat stock . Another negative point is that these foods cause a false sense of fullness that quickly fades, the result is that you'll soon hungry again .
Fill your diet with low glycemic index, slowly absorbed by the body and provide satiety. The secret is to balance food rapidly absorbed with foods rich in fiber, protein and healthy fat.
Some foods with low glycemic index, your allies slimming diet : milk, yogurt, apple, pear, apricot , lentils , peanuts, tomato soup, melon , nuts , peas , rice bran , broccoli , cabbage, kale, lettuce , spinach , zucchini , mushrooms, eggplant.

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