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Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips for washing hair at home and get salon results

Maybe washing the hair seem insignificant to us , only serves to remove all dirt. The truth is that even the most effective hair treatments in the world offer good results if you do not prepare your hair previously , everything matters , from how you massage the hair until the water temperature or how you apply the products.

The first thing to do is brush your entire hair before entering the shower. It is essential to do so before wetting the hair , as this will avoid bankruptcy caused by the attempt to detangle wet . When you comb your hair flooded water , bind and end up leaving the electric hair, frizz and split ends.
Washing the hair should start with warm water to open the cuticle and allow the shampoo to penetrate , clean and allow nutrients.
Apply the shampoo twice , it's no gimmick manufacturer shampoo you spend the faster product. The first clean waste application , and the second aid principles activospenetren best in hair structure.
Once you've washed your hair both times , squeeze well to remove excess water . Apply conditioner to wet hair too prevents the material being absorbed properly and the results are not as good as expected .
Apply conditioner from the middle of your hair to the tips , avoid applying on the scalp , to prevent excess oil .
Let the product act for at least 2 minutes and rinsed out with cold water. As the warm water open the cuticles of your hair , the cold water will close , making the benefits of hydration are maintained in the hair.
Also , refresh the scalp with cold water stimulates blood circulation, which facilitates the distribution of nutrients in the hair and avoids problems with oiliness leaving hair with bad.

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